Permanent Collection


Permanent Collection

Since the founding of the Museum in 1933, many documents, photographs, postcards, menus, letters, advertising leaflets and promotional materials have been acquired. They help reveal the history of the Tampa Bay Hotel and Mr. Plant’s empire of railroads, steamships, steamboats, and hotels. Browse below to view highlights of the collection. 

Images may not be copied or reproduced without permission of the HB Plant Museum.  High resolution scans are available for purchase.

Hotel-and-Bridge.png  Hotel-Construction.png  Hotel East Front

Hotel-Guests.png  Hotel-with-Train.png  Hotel Veranda

Hotel-West-Front.png  Hotel-Workers.png  Plant-System-Hotels-Pass.png

Plant-System-Pass.png  Plant-System-Railroad-Pass.png  Plant-System-Railway-Pass.png

Plant-System-SFW-Train.png  Postcard-1.png  Postcard-2.png

Rooftop-View,-Minarets.png  TBH.png  TBH-2.png

TBH-Ad.png  TBH-Bridge.png  TBH-Brochure.png

Tampa Bay Hotel gates  TBH-Photograph.png