Permanent Collection

Garden Seats

Permanent Collection


Henry and Margaret Plant filled the Tampa Bay Hotel with garden seats from Europe and Asia. They were both decorative and functional. Placed carefully around the grounds, these colorful and whimsical pieces could be used for a guest needing a brief rest while exploring the gardens full of exotic plants. A few were used indoors as plant stands and decorative elements in the hotel solarium. Over forty original garden seats survive. Browse below to view highlights of the collection.
Many of the pieces shown below are on view in the Museum today.  We hope you will visit soon and see these beautiful pieces for yourself.

Elephant-Garden-Seat.png   Frog-Garden-Seat.png   Garden-Seat-with-Figures.png

Mushroom-Garden-Seat.png   Salt-Glaze-Garden-Seat-1.png   Salt-Glaze-Garden-Seat-2.png