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The Museum is pleased to offer a variety of informative programs and lectures throughout the year. Below are recordings of several of these programs.

"In the Shadow of the Crescent: The Tampa Bay Hotel & Islamic Architecture"
A lecture given by Professor Richard Ellis on June 10, 2023.

"Gems from Olivette: The Staged Concert"
Recording of live performance from April 30, 2023.

"Plant's Follies: The Casino and Tampa's Civic Identity"
Archives Awareness Week program in July 2022.

"The Rocking Chair Report: War Stories from the Tampa Bay Hotel"
A presentation by Dr. Charles McGraw Groh.

"Shrewd Business Men": The Family of J. Andrew Williams and Jim Crow Tampa
A presentation by Dr. Charles McGraw Groh.

Charles-headshot.jpeg Rodney-headshot.png
Music and Memory: The Role of Spirituals in Booker T. Washington's Florida Educational Tour
A lecture by Dr. Charles McGraw Groh and Dr. Rodney Shores. Included in the program are recordings of the University Chorus performing two spirituals from the time period.

Placing Black Progress on Display: Booker T. Washington in Florida, March 1912
Presentation by Dr. David H. Jackson, Jr. 

Exotic Architecture of the Tampa Bay Hotel
Program by Curator/Registrar Susan Carter and former Curator of Education Heather Trubee Brown.

A Powerful Duet: Henry Plant and Opera
Presentation by Beryl Byles

Art Conservation is...a Look Behind the Scenes
Presentation by fine art conservator Rustin Levenson, Art Conservation Association

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Music in the Museum
Classical Guitar with John Barr
Harp with Damara Chaudhuri Besker
Saxophone with Matt Weihmuller