Permanent Collection

  • Late 19th century
  • Chinese, Late Quing Dynasty
  • Height:  36 in.
  • Hardwood and inset marble

Straight backed side chair made of teakwood and marble. Chair includes bamboo and plant motifs, including eggplants. This chair is an example of mortise and tenon construction in which all parts fit into one another and do not need nails or glues to keep them in place. Several Chinese furniture styles use just one type of wood in the construction of a piece, like with this chair.
Seen in 1893 brochure picture of the Solarium. The chairs are lined along the left wall and have pots on them. (Picture from HPM archives, acession number 1982.010.001X)
Accession number: 1999.064
Photo credit:  Win Wolloff