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Gasparilla Gowns Designed by Ann Lowe

Online Exhibits

Online Exhibits

In 2019, three Gasparilla gowns designed by African-American fashion designer Ann Lowe underwent detailed photographing and scanning.  From these scans, 3D models of the dresses were assembled.  Use your mouse or trackpad to zoom in, rotate, and see some of the detail on the models of the dresses below.

Gowns from the Henry B. Plant Museum Society collection, Tampa, FL.


Gasparilla Jewel Circle Gown
Rebecca Davie Smith (Mrs. Armin H. Smith, Jr.)

Gasparilla 3 Eva 20190220 MA Final Low Res 300k by plantmuseum on Sketchfab


Gasparilla Court Gown
Katherine Broaddus (Mrs. Archibald Livingston, Jr.)

Gasparilla 2 300k by plantmuseum on Sketchfab

Gasparilla Queen Gown
Sara Lykes Keller (Mrs. W. Frank Hobbs)