Current Exhibits

This period room is the most authentic space remaining in the building. The original Herter Brothers style inlaid and carved wainscoting, mantle, pier mirror, window and door frames remain intact. Rich leather and dark woods with milk-white inlay give this room a sense of masculine dignity.  The original 1891 ochre wall color has been restored following a meticulous layer-by-layer paint analysis.  Arranged on the writing tables are books, newspapers, inkstands and magazines of the day. Imagine guests staying abreast of the latest news and penning postcards to loved ones under the glow of the latest electric lights.  Authentic replicas of the original fixtures are visible in this room.  The room has been restored to look just as it did in 1898 when Richard Harding Davis, Frederic Remington, Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Clara Barton, Stephen Crane and many other famous personalities occupied the Hotel during the Spanish-American War.