Discover 5 Date Ideas in Tampa

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Tampa is a city of wonder. From a bustling arts scene to the most beautiful views, you can find magic in every moment here.

The Henry B. Plant Museum has curated a list of six unforgettable couples activities in Tampa that not only promise a great time but also allow you to explore the rich history and charm of this beautiful city. 

Museum Magic

What better way to spend a romantic date than with culture, history, and beauty? Located on the breathtaking University of Tampa campus in the heart of downtown Tampa, the Henry B. Plant Museum is a true historic treasure. 

Stroll through the Museum's exquisite rooms, showcasing the grandeur and opulence of the Gilded Age. The historical artifacts are sure to transport you throughout Tampa’s rich history. 

You'll not only enjoy the intriguing exhibits, but also the tranquil gardens that surround this architectural masterpiece. This is an ideal location to set the mood for a fun date.



Sunset at Bayshore Boulevard

For another enchanting experience right around the corner from the Henry B. Plant Museum, head over to Bayshore Boulevard for a leisurely walk or bike ride just before sunset. Known for being the world's longest continuous pedestrian sidewalk, Bayshore offers breathtaking views of Tampa Bay. 

Are you looking for the perfect date ideas in Tampa? Consider watching the sunset together. As stunning hues paint the sky, you will be completely immersed in a romantic atmosphere that is hard to beat.


Culinary Delights at the Columbia Restaurant

Tampa's Ybor City is home to the legendary Columbia Restaurant, a perfect spot to satisfy your taste buds. As Florida's oldest restaurant, the Columbia offers a fine dining experience infused with the most delicious Spanish and Cuban flavors. 

For the perfect lunch or dinner after visiting the Henry B. Plant Museum, visitors should share tapas, sip sangria, and indulge in their famous paella. The charming courtyard and live music set the stage for a romantic dinner that you and your date won't forget.

Riverwalk Stroll

Tampa's Riverwalk is a scenic path that meanders along the Hillsborough River, connecting some of the city's most iconic landmarks. Take a leisurely walk, hand in hand, and explore the beautiful parks, art installations, and even rent a water bike for a unique water-based couples activity in Tampa. Just a few miles from the Henry B. Plant Museum, this convenient location makes it the perfect place for a post-visit stroll.

The Riverwalk is an ideal date destination for those who appreciate art, culture, and the great outdoors. There are plenty of activities here for every visitor!

The Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Are you looking for the perfect date ideas in Tampa? Visitors to the Henry B. Plant Museum leave feeling inspired by its unique artifacts. For those couples who love the arts, the Straz Center for the Performing Arts is a date night must. Catch a Broadway show, a ballet performance, or a concert together. The Straz Center offers a variety of cultural experiences that can add an additional touch of elegance to your evening. 

Make sure to check the event schedule for the latest performances and plan ahead for a night of entertainment and sophistication.

Enjoy a Date You Won't Ever Forget

Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, an art lover, or an outdoor enthusiast, there are a wide range of couples activities in Tampa that you will enjoy. From a visit to the Henry B. Plant Museum to a romantic sunset sail in Tampa Bay, the city has something for every couple. 

Continue exploring the Henry B. Plant Museum and purchase tickets or sign up for a membership today.