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Who Were THey?

Who were those people who lived during the time of the Tampa Bay Hotel? Can you match their faces to their stories?


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_____ I was a famous ballerina who danced at the Tampa Bay Hotel. I was known for dancing “The Dying Swan.” (Anna Pavlova)

_____ I was the Colonel of the Rough Riders, who trained at the Tampa Bay Hotel before we went to fight in Cuba during the Spanish American War. Later, I became the 26th President of the United States. (Theodore Roosevelt)

_____ I founded the American Red Cross, nursing and comforting soldiers in the battlefield, earning me the nickname of the “Angel of the Battlefield.” My Red Cross nurses came to Tampa to help during the Spanish American War, staying two of Henry Plant’s Tampa Hotels. (Clara Barton)

____ I was a composer and band conductor, earning the name of the “American March King” because I wrote several military marches. I brought my band to play at the Tampa Bay Hotel several times. (John Philip Sousa)

_____ I am the inventor of the telephone. The Tampa Bay Hotel was one of the first hotels to offer telephones in every guest room. (Alexander Graham Bell)

_____ I was a hotel and shipping magnate who built the Tampa Bay Hotel. I brought the railroad to Tampa in 1884, changing the city forever. My shipping lines included steamships and railroads, and my steamship the Mascotte is on the seal of the city of Tampa to honor me. (Henry Bradley Plant)

_____ I was the 25th President of the United States, serving during the Spanish American War. After the war, I ran for my second term with war hero Theodore Roosevelt as my vice president. Unfortunately for me, I was assassinated six months into my second term, making Roosevelt the youngest US President ever. (William McKinley)

_____ I invented the light bulb. The Tampa Bay Hotel was one of the first all-electric hotel in Florida. The newspapers described the hotel as “ablaze in lights”! (Thomas Edison)

_____ I married hotel and shipping magnate Henry Bradley Plant. I had exceptionally good taste, and I helped him purchase furnishings for the Tampa Bay Hotel when we attented the Paris Exhibition in 1889. It took 41 railroad cars to bring everything to the hotel! (Margaret Loughman Plant)


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