Time Line and Writing Activity


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Time Line Activity

Help Henry Plant get his events in the correct order.


After you read If Our Hotel Could Talk, try this activity.  A PDF version of this activity is available here.


Cut apart the sentences. If the sentence has a picture, cut it out, too. Put the sentences in order. Glue each sentence on a piece of paper. If a sentence does not have a picture, draw your own. Fasten the pages together to make a book.



After 41 years as a hotel, the Tampa Bay Hotel closes.



The Tampa Bay Hotel opens with 511 rooms, electricity, indoor plumbing, telephones and 2 elevators.




Henry Plant is born. He is born in the same year as Victoria, the future queen of England.



Henry Plant brings the railroad to Tampa.




The population of Tampa is 720 people. Do you know what population means? Population is the number of people who live in a place.




The Tampa Bay Hotel is the U.S. Army headquarters for the Cuban Campaign of the Spanish-American War of 1898.


Florida becomes the 27th state.




Henry Plant develops Port Tampa and starts running his steamship lines out of the port.




Queen Victoria dies in 1901, marking the end of the Victorian era. The Victorian era was named for Queen Victoria because she influenced many changes while she ruled England.



Tampa’s population is 5,532.


In 1900, the United States Census records 15,839 people live in Tampa.


___________________________________________ is born.

(Write your name on the line.)





Critical Thinking

Do you think there is a connection between some of the events in the Time Line and changes in Tampa’s population? Explain.