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Adventure awaits you at the tampa bay hotel


After you read If Our Hotel Could Talk or watch "Florida's First Magic Kingdom", try this activity.  All you'll need is your imagination, a pencil and some paper.  A PDF version of this activity is available here.


Step into the hall to begin your adventure!

hall1.png  hall2.png


Can you believe this big building was a hotel a long, long, long time ago? 

Pretend you can travel back in time. It is not 2020. The year is 1891, more than 100 years ago.

Imagine you live in New York. You travel to Florida for a vacation.


  • Draw your route from New York to Florida. How many states are between New York and Florida? ______
  • Can you name them? ____________________________________________________________________
  • How long do you think it would take to travel from New York to Florida? ________________________________________________________
  • How do you travel?  
  • The Tampa Bay Hotel is in Tampa, FL. Can you mark Tampa on the map?


Cars and airplanes do not exist in 1891. For long trips, people travel by

train.png  OR  Ship.png

Would you like to ride on a train or steamship? Why? _______________________________________

Look at the pictures below. How do the people look? People in 1891 do not wear shorts and t-shirts. Both men and women wear hats and gloves when they go for a walk outside.

gentleman.png    lady.png

youth.png  girl-w-dogs.png

Would you like to wear these clothes?


How do you dress when you go out to play?

Henry Plant and the Plant System


This is Henry Plant. He built the Tampa Bay Hotel.

Do you see the flags in the picture below?

Henry owned a company called the Plant System. The Plant System included railroads, steamship lines and hotels. Can you guess which flag was the symbol for the Plant System?



The Plant System’s trains traveled throughout the southeastern United States. The steamships sailed to Canada and Cuba. It’s hard to see, but the two flags in the back represent those international countries.

Get creative! If you could design a flag, what would it look like? Draw it on a sheet of paper. Tell about your flag.


Imagine you will stay at this hotel for 3 weeks.


What will you do for fun? Remember, it is a long time ago. There are no TVs, radios, computers, video games, iPads or cell phones.


Guests at the hotel enjoyed these activities. Check off the ones you like to do.

___Golf                  ___Billiards
___Tennis                ___Drawing
___Bicycling            ___Swimming
___Fishing              ___Boating
___Hunting            ___Croquet

___Dancing            ___Horseshoes
___Watching baseball
___Walking in the garden
___Listening to an orchestra
___Watching a play on stage


The Tampa Bay Hotel was very fancy. Can you name some things that make a hotel fancy?

In 1891, telephones, indoor bathrooms, electric lights and elevators were what made the Tampa Bay Hotel fancy. Look at the picture of the bedroom, can you find the…


2 electric lights


Do you think this is a fancy bedroom? Why or why not?

In 1891, people wrote letters to their family and friends to tell them about their adventures. Use a piece of paper to write or draw a picture about your adventure exploring the Tampa Bay Hotel.