Imagined East Recommended Reading


Resources to enhance your Museum experience

Imagined east: decorative arts and the imperial gaze

To learn more about Orientalism and the cultural impact of this movement, check out the following books and articles:

Said, Edward W. Orientalism, 25th Anniversary Edition. New York: Random House, Inc., 1994.
Nochlin, Linda. The Politics of Vision: Essays on Nineteenth-Century Art and Society. New York: Routledge, 1989.
Inspired by the East: How the Islamic world influenced Western Art, edited by Wiliam Greenwood and Lucien de Guise. London: The British Museum Press, 2019.
Tchen, John Kuo Wei. New York Before Chinatown: Orientalism and the Shaping of American Culture 1776-1882. Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press, 1999.
Emery, Elizabeth. “Madame Desoye, “First Woman Importer” of Japanese Art in Nineteenth Century Paris.” In Journal of Japonisme 5,page 1-46. Brill, 2020.

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