Good Reads


Resources to enhance your Museum experience

For Younger Readers

  • Maggie & Max at the Museum 2007 Florida Trust Award Winner by Robin Gonzalez
  • If Our Hotel Could Talk 2005 Florida Trust Award Winner by Robin Gonzalez
  • Through the Keyhole: A Young Person’s Guide to the Henry B. Plant Museum by Marcia White
  • The Two Henrys by Sandra Wallus Sammons

For Readers of all Ages

Gilded Age Lifestyle

  • A Season of Splendor by Greg King
  • Devil in the White City
  • The Architecture of Leisure by Susan R. Braden

Plant System, Railroads, Steamships, Tampa Bay Hotel

  • Tampa Bay Hotel, Heather Trubee Brown and Susan V. Carter
  • Henry Bradley Plant: Gilded Age Dreams for Florida and a New South, Canter Brown Jr.
  • The Life of Henry Bradley Plant, G. Hutchinson Smyth
  • A Journey into Florida Railroad History by Gregg M. Turner
  • Henry Plant Pioneer Empire Builder by Kelly Reynolds
  • Jean Stallings Educational Series “A Late Victorian Romp”
  • Jean Stallings Educational Series “An Elegant Frontier
  • Jean Stallings Educational Series “Bells and Whistles”
  • Jean Stallings Educational Series “Henry Bradley Plant The Nineteenth Century “King of Florida”
  • Moments in Time by The Henry B. Plant Museum
  • Steamships of the Two Henrys by Edward A. Mueller
  • The Plant System of Railroads Steamships and Hotels by Gregg M. Turner and Seth H. Bramson

Spanish-American War

  • Florida in the Spanish-American War by Joe Knetsch & Nick Wynn
  • The Splendid Little War by Frank Freidel