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Young historians will learn about:

  • Tampa’s early development during the late 19th century
  • The Gilded Age lifestyle in late 19th century Florida
  • Visionary Henry Plant and the impact of his Plant System of railroads, steamships and hotels in the development of Florida
  • The vital role of the Tampa Bay Hotel in the Spanish-American War
  • The unique Moorish-Revival architectural style of the Hotel
  • Primary sources

Young historians will experience:

  • A 1 ½ hour docent-led tour of the Museum (14 original guest and public rooms of the Tampa Bay Hotel) and the former Hotel Music Room, grand Salon and Dining Room (now part of The University of Tampa).
  • Hands-on opportunity to explore authentic Victorian items
  • For groups of 50 students or more, a live theater performance that explains the social customs surrounding Victorian dress (add an additional 30 minutes to your visit).  See a clip of the theater performance here.  



  • Tours are appropriate for grades 3-12*
  • Groups are limited to 10-80 students
  • Cost is $3 per student, teachers are complimentary, additional chaperones are $10
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  • View or download the additional resources below as pre-visit or follow up materials
  • Please inform us for any necessary special accommodations when booking your visit.

*The Museum isn’t just for 3rd grade social studies.  Many high school, college, and after school programs for history/economics, art, education, decorative arts, Spanish and photography classes have enjoyed visiting the Museum and making cross-discipline connections.


Contact Todd Edwards at 813.258.7301 or tedwards@ut.edu.

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