Coloring Pages


Resources to enhance your Museum experience

Relax and enjoy these coloring pages, inspired by the Tampa Bay Hotel and the collection of the Henry B. Plant Museum.  Click the title of each image to download a larger version for coloring.

Antoinette Robb

Antoinette Robb (1885-1946), a classically trained cellist, played background music in the Hotel dining room and at the Tampa Bay Casino.  

Robb.jpg Robb-1.jpg


Alligator postcard

The S. Langsdorf & Company postcard firm of New York introduced the distinctive alligator design around 1908. This view showing the entire Tampa Bay Hotel is one of a 165-series of Florida-themed cards.  There are three different alligator framed views of the Tampa Bay Hotel.

Alligator-postcard-coloring-pg.jpg  2007-013-alligator(039).jpg


Frog garden seat, German
A variety of fanciful garden seats dotted the paths of the Hotel garden or adored the Solarium. Mr. and Mrs. Plant purchased a wide selection of styles from Japan, England and Germany.  Today, there are nearly 40 original garden seats in the Museum’s permanent collection.

frog-garden-seat-coloring-pg.jpg  2001-030-Frog,-Gar-Seat.jpg


Hotel Dishware
These dishes are in the Ravenscliffe and Coronation patterns and graced the tables of the Hotel dining room.  They were made by Dunn Bennett and Company, England.  This picture also shows an original table lamp.

Dishes.jpg Dishes-1.jpg


The Plant System of railways was comprised of multiple rail lines that ran throughout the southeastern United States.  All of the Plant System locomotives were assigned a number as a means of identification. 

PS-locomotive-coloring-pg.jpg  Plant-Train.jpg


This embellished interpretation of a minaret is sure to spark your imagination and creativity.

stylized-minaret-coloring-pg.jpg   DSC_9052-(1).JPG

Picnic Island Postcard

The Plant System provided a number of local and international excursion opportunities embarking from the Tampa Bay Hotel. Excursion destinations were advertised on graphic postcards, such as this one.  This circa 1893 promotional card touted the popular day trip to Picnic Island where guests could enjoy sailing, fishing, pleasant sea air and bathing.

Picnic-Island.jpg Picnic-Island-1.jpg

Swan Vase

The Swan Vase is the largest piece of porcelain ever made by the renowned Wedgwood Company.  Thought to have been purchased by the Plants at the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, this piece adorned the lobby of the Tampa Bay Hotel during the 1890s.  Today, there are eight known to exist around the world in Australia, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Henry Plant Museum and private collections.

Swan-Vase.jpg Swan-Vase-1.jpg



The Plant System included a number of steamships and steamboats that were called the Plant Line.  The steamboats plied the rivers of Florida.  Plant’s steamships operated between Boston and Bar Harbor, ME and the Canadian Maritimes during the summer months.  In the winter, his ships sailed from Port Tampa to Key West, Havana, Cuba and other points in the Caribbean. 

Steamship-(1).jpg Steamship-1.jpg