Books to Schools


Resources to enhance your Museum experience


If you are a Title I 3rd-4th or 7th-8th grade teacher, this program is for you and your students. We bring the Museum and its history to your classroom. Museum volunteers use authentic Victorian items, historic photos and the award-winning book Maggie & Max at the Museum (3rd-4th) and Through the Keyhole: A Young Person’s Guide to the Henry B. Plant Museum (7th-8th) to explore the development of Tampa, Henry Plant’s role in bringing the railroad to Tampa, the significance of the Tampa Bay Hotel during the Spanish-American War, and Gilded Age lifestyle.

The presentation is free of charge, lasts 45-minutes and includes a question and answer period. Each student receives his or her own copy of the interactive book to take home.

Contact Melissa Sullebarger at 813.258.7304 or msullebarger@ut.edu to schedule a Books to Schools visit or for more information.